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01-20-2013, 01:30 AM
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Matts Sundin went into the HHOF with no NHL hardware. I wonder if there are any other players there who failed to win anything at all either individually or as part of a team,during a long NHL career.

He was captain of a team that, long with Philadelphia and Detroit and New York in pre cap days spent far more than other teams could afford, especially a very poor team like the Sens were at that time.

And yet for all that Sundin did not win anything for himself nor was he able to lead his team to anything either.The only thing they hang their hat on is defeating the Sens 4 times.

The reams of writing about Sundin in one of the posts above and which comes up every time this is mentioned, is mostly to do with Leaf Club records, his popularity in Sweden(his big smile is often mentioned )the international teams he(and all top Swedish players) were part of and obscure records like most goals in the second half of the final period or some such nonsense.

He was a first round pick and a very good reliable player for a long time and captained one of the most wealthy teams in the pre cap era with a rabid fan base which includes most of the national sports media.

Alfie was not a first round pick and came to a small market team in precap days when they were nearly and then did go bankrupt, nevertheless he took both himself and led his team much farther than did Sundin.

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