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01-20-2013, 01:36 AM
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Quick thoughts:
-Top6 were very rusty, not the end of the world.
-Next game try:

-4th line looks fantastic loved their jump.
-Boullion wasn't that bad and kaberle needs to step it up in the Ozone.
-Price was fine
-We need a better idea on how to enter the zone. Leafs just laid back and let us dump the puck to them. We need to use our skill. Seemed like RC was still behind the bench.
-Markov looked a bit slower, but still very solid, loved seeing his passing again
-I think the chemistry will come after a few games
-discipline needs to be addressed
-we didn't give up anything 5on5 and the GWG was off a BS penalty.
-though Gally was meh, I think he'll start producing when the vets make some space for him, I'm not worried.

I don't expect us to make the playoffs, but I do think this team will be better after a while to gel. Tonight, at the very least, we saw our depth guys show us how they can effect our game. I thought we had physicality and energy, just no rhythm or chemistry to do anything with it. All nerves tonight.
All in all disappointing but the result wasn't awful and it is simply rust keeping this team from meeting its potential (even if that potential is 9th or worse)

Everyone go to sleep and dream of a signed PK Subban

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