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01-20-2013, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by orcatown View Post
Man - what a mess. Probably would have been better to start on the road and play a tight defensive style. Every time they opened it up seemed like they got burned.

Lots of mistakes all the way around but some players really had tough time.

Schnieder - not ready to play. way too deep and just guessing a lot of the time. Got to hope for a bounce back soon.

Ballard - stunk. Once again showed he can't play down deep in his own zone. Just looked hopeless. Thank god for the buyout clause.

Ebbett - Awful. Anyone who thought Ebbett could play at this level needs to fess up about how off base they were. He was predictably brutal. Kuzma's in-box needs to be filled with ridicule. Ebbett is ridiculously bad and why the Canucks were concerned about losing him on waivers is brain dead. Should be out of here tonight.

Malhotra - hasn't changed and please let's not hear about his face off percent. Continually lost the puck and did nothing to follow up on or support some good work done by Weise and Volpatti. Still wants to play no contact hockey. Might be Gordon is a better player. At least he goes to the body with authority and has some degree of snot.

Hamhuis - wasn't moving like usual and creating big gaps b/w the defense and the forwards. Could say the same for others however

Thought Garrison showed well enough but not in sync with others which might be expected. Team was far too individualistic in general and tough for Garrison to get positioning correct at times.

Luongo did a good job and really couldn't be faulted on the goals.

Tanev was good but weighted down with Ballard.

I think the team has to start recognizing that all of Ebbett, Ballard, Malhotra are just no good. That's too many duds. Things are not going to suddenly change. There are no easy solutions but the team (and many fans it seems) has to take off the blinkers about these players and begin to work to change this situation. You don't want to get over-reactive but we've seen enough previous to this to know that what we saw is only a continuation of what has been going on for awhile.

Right now you should see Ballard out of the line up and replaced by probably Alberts

Malhotra out and Gordon in

Ebbett out and Schroeder in.

Let's stop BSing ourselves about these duds and start correcting the situation. These aren't perfect solutions but at least it is an attempt to address the problems
Each line had an anchor tonite For three lines it was there center. Lapierre was bad Manny is Manny Ebett was probably better than those two just overmatched. Weise and Volpatti showed energy Volpatti made a bad read going for a hit that ended up being a goal. The pp looks good. Really need Kesler back and Schoeder in Ebbets spot and Manny in the pressbox. Does anyone think anyone would pick Manny up on waivers i would say not a chance.

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