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01-20-2013, 12:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Lonny Bohonos View Post
If memory serves me correctly Canucks have had a losing start to their seasons for as long as Ive watched them. Who knows why this is (maybe Luongos slow starts)and frankly its a non issue for me as long as the season overall ends well.

Whether they suck at the beginning, middle or end is largely irrelevant. Its not like they can win a whole lot more during the regular season as they have in the last two years.

As for AVs emotional response we have no idea what goes on behind the closed doors. What we do know is he will let the players work it out themselves first. Does that means he never gets involved? We have no idea.

I simply dont see more wins being eked out by having a more emotional coach.

Your assumption is that the season ends well. Further, slow starts should never be taken as a given. When you can do things to fix it, like actually prepare your team properly, which is the coach's job, you should do everything you can to do it. If that includes taking your players to task, so be it...

AV has said on many of occasion that he _relies_ on the leadership on the room more now. This signifies a hands off approach.

Emotion is part of the game. These aren't robots. You don't think getting emotional can lead to more wins, I'm saying try what you haven't likely tried because to this point what you have tried hasn't worked... for 6 years running.

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