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Originally Posted by jmelm View Post
hahaha, I love it guys. Great debate, and good argument to be made both ways. I do believe that, in the absence of another trade to bring in a top-4 Dman, we may very well need Brooks THIS season. Or, as Jags said, while he can be scary to opposing forwards with his physical play, he can be scary to the Penguins for his defensive lapses. On balance, it will be interesting to see exactly what type of net impact we get from that duality of his play for this season.

And by the way: you want to talk about "top-4" or "shutdown pair"?? When you watch a team like, say, the Rangers, and you see a kid like McDonough, you see EXACTLY what you want from a top-4 "shutdown" type of defender: reliable, uses his strength and speed intelligently (i.e. in position, as opposed to Brooks who often uses it to be out of position), and more. Brooks just ain't that guy, and he hasn't been for the last few years. This thread I made is not rash & hyper-reactionary to one game. It is a continuation of a trend that has been prevalent in his game for the past few years now. Think about how much value Robin Regehr had a few years ago, and look at the piddly return he eventually netted. That's my concern with Orpik (and goals against).

[excised to keep quote short].
So what 'kid like McDonough' are we getting without trading away someone like Neal? If you can get me an Orpik and a pick for McDonough sign me up. That is the thing, when you start trying to assign names . . . . . and costs . . . or aquiring replacements this becomes an excersize in video game hockey and not reality.

The fact is that we crapped the bed in Philly, but were one of the best teams in the league last year and certainly built in a way good enough to win a cup:

* if I am remembering rightly, 3rd most man games lost to injury last year including most of our defense and Crosby for almost the entire year.

*108 points, 4th best in the NHL, and only 1 behind NY and St. Louis, 3 behind Vancouver.

* Most goals in the NHL, by ten points over the next highest

* 2nd Highest Goal differential, +61, and ten points higher than the team below then

* 5th on PP %, 4th in PP goals scored.

* 3rd on PK %, 2nd in PK goals scored against.

* the defense which went way south against philly had dropped from the top five defense it had been the year before, only dropped to middle of the pack at 16th, and had been decimated by injuries all year.

* the offseason losses were minimal, and the core is just entering its prime.

There are no perfect teams in a cap world. And though it was only one game, there is zero reason to believe that what we saw tonight is not indicitave of the kind of team we have this year. If you can upgrade on the cheap, and without mortgaging a future when we have Crosby and likely Malkin tied up for the next decade? Sign me up. It is not realistic to make more than a sideways move on Orpik though unless we are going to lose assets that are really going to hurt.

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