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Wow did Rothwell look bad tonight. Credit to Gonzaga though I guess too. I figured Ben would be able to keep it standing and catch Gonzaga but he was just outclassed everywhere. Gotta be demoralizing to come into the fight in great shape and get dominated by a gatekeeper.

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So let me get this straight, Vitor just beat a top contender at 185 and is now calling out the champion at 205 who he just lost to in his last fight? Yeah, that's not going to happen.
I really think it was more just saying something to get the fans cheering as he left the ring. Obviously if he calls out Silva that's not going to work, so Sonnen's the easy target.

Here is Sonnen's response.
"Let me be real clear and speak direct with you Vitor: you've been telling the world that you'd like to meet Jesus. I'd be glad to arrange that travel. But, first, I'm going to get rid of Jon Jones. But, you are next. Let me be clear: Vitor, I accept. Don't make any mistake about that. You have called me out twice now, once after I signed a contract to fight Anderson Silva and once when you know I was busy with Jon Jones. I accept."
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This is what I'd like to see. Weidman gets Anderson this summer, these two can fight on the same card, winner gets Silva in the fall.

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I'd do Rockhold vs. Phillippou. Costa is 33 so the UFC needs to move him pretty fast, and I think he's a top ten guy. The UFC also needs one of those two guys to be legit. Then Weidman vs. Vitor.
Rockhold actually asked to fight Philippou, so that's definitely a possibility.

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