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01-20-2013, 04:14 AM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I don't know if you're aware,

Timmins is the number 1 scout in the NHL.

He's the only thing this organization which is number 1. Therefore, the way for us to win is to leverage out strengths: trade Rivet for a 1st rounder more often than you trade a 1st rounder for Alex Tanguay.

I'm not asking for an exception, I'm asking for a novelty
. Your circular argument is simply that innovation is a bad idea because the idea has not been tried before. It's a weak non-argument.

BTW Pittsburgh was not a 1-year surgical tank. I'm pretty sure they drafted Jaromir Jagr at 4th overall a few years after Lemieux.
actually, you're right, you're asking for Habs management to do something and hope all the starts are aligned. So, true, you arent asking for the exception to happen, you're asking for a fantasy to become reality.

Nope, and I'm pretty sure in your field you hear people having "innovative ideas" and without even trying it out you know for a fact it will not work/happen. Well, the innovative 1 year surgical tank is just that.

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