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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
Confused ? huh, considering you're the one talking about hockey and drafting as if it was a somewhat exact science... confused ? really...

look at all the contenders (not that there is that many) and tell me, wich ones are in dire needs of a 1st or 2nd line C ?

Galchenuys is in a learning phase, stripping the team from good vets pertty much guarantees he'll have no one to learn from - so to speak, and he'll develop better that way ? really ? comments like this makes me wonder if were involved in any sport, in any capacity, at any point in your life... seriously...

I suggest you get your facts straight.
No one has suggested stripping away every vet. Do not cloud this discussion please.

DA and others here are suggesting a logical plan based on evidence.

Of course it is not exact science. Almost nothing outside of good research Laboratories is. Thanks for telling us that.

What do you suggest we do instead? Rely on Magik? Confused stumbling guesses? The horoscope?

What is your plan?

God help me if I'm stuck in a bomb shelter with you, yapping all the time with no plan. We'd all die.

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