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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
Kings traded youth for youth, they traded players in their early 20 for a +/- 25 years old Richards... and then traded a 25 yo Johnson for another 25 years old, Carter...

the Pens drafted top 5 five years in a row (Whitney, Fleury, Crosby, Malkin, Crosby)... and you can easily make the case for two of them being generational talents... in comparison, for the Habs to do that, they'd have to finish 26th or lower till the 16/17 season...

Chicago, the last time the Hawks got two picks or more in the first round before their cup win was in 2000*, they had two, two guys who played a combined 110 games in the NHL... they had more than a 2nd rounder multiple times, the best of the bunch, Bolland, was their own pick, the second best played for the Habs last season, Mike Blunden...

the "trade vets for extra picks" sure doesnt apply to them.

* same for Pens, last time they had two picks in the top 30 was in the late 80's / just to add, last time they had two 2nd round picks in the same draft was in 99', one of them never played the NHL, the other played around 50 games...
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