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01-20-2013, 05:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
There's no secret recipe for building a contender. If there was everyone would use it. At the end of the day you simply have to be better at your job then most other GMs. You should have a vision for how you want your team to play but you can't plan which UFAs to sign, which prospects develop, which players you get via trades.
Your argument is irrelevant as nobody here is suggesting we plan "which players to sign and which prospects to develop".

Part of the point of the surgical tank is to have redundancy. Yes, we could win a cup with a core of Galchenyuk/Subban/Price/Pacioretty, but only if everything goes right, which is unlikely. That's a good core but it doesn't have any redundancies, it's high-risk.

- By adding a top-5 pick, we improve our chances of having at least 1 superstar, never mind two.
- By adding several other top 60 picks, we introduce redunancies in our prospects who can become secondary player, and we will no longer need that each of Collberg, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Ellis, Kristo, Leblanc reach their ceilings; we'll be competitive if only a few of them reach their ceilings as we'll be doubling their ranks.
- We don't need to rely on specific players in the UFA market. We should go for the best players, and if we don't get them, too bad. Keep the cap space and try again next summer. Don't sign the leftovers as Gainey did a few times.

You can argue against planning all you want and in favor of being blind all you want, but the truth is each of the GMs of LA, Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, etc had plans. They didn't put contenders together by accident. You need a plan specific to your situation.

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