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01-20-2013, 06:58 AM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
evidence ? the only "evidence" provided so far is that with better management we'd be a better team...

if anything, the suggestions made by DAC and co do sound like magic... seriously "surgical tank" what kind of bull is this...

wanna talk about drafting better ? fine
wanna talk about devellopement ? fine
... about ufa signings ? fine again

but please, dont turn this fantasy into anything more than it is. There's no such thing as "surgical tank", it's a nice dream but that's all it is.

Can't believe some of you, who all (except a few) look like intelligent, talk about this surgical nonsense as if it was an awesome idea.

Here, nothing magic, nothing innovative, nothing new, but proven to work: Unless you are a contender (wich we havent been in a while) keep your picks and prospects and work as hard as you can to developp them. If you arent good enough in an aspect (let's say, developping youngster) get people who'll help you get better in that aspect. Surround your youngsters well.

Dont do stuff like trading away Sergei for nothing or Latendresse for a player you'll let go for free 18 months later (or like they're about to do with Weber, lose him for almost nothing - while they didnt even bother to try him on D in this week thursday intra squad game)...

I mean, we traded Latendresse (who scored 33 goals in 82 games as a Wild) for Pouliot, whom we let go for nothing a year and a half later... during that time, Plekanec had to play with wingers such as Moen, Blunden, Staubitz, White and Geoffrion (and I think Pouliot scored more than all of em combined last season - or close)... pretty sure #14 would have LOVED to have Lats on his wing instead of the ones I named...
I think DA should email his "plan" to Columbus, they just can't figure out how come all their high drafting isn't working out so well.

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