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01-20-2013, 06:56 AM
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Originally Posted by 4evaBlue View Post
For better or worse, the Bruins made their choice, and Thomas is gone. Rask has a 1 year deal (at $3.5M) that allows the club to evaluate how he handles the "unsheltered" minutes, and the Bruins team defense should help Rask during this adjustment. If he flops this season, the team will search for some other goalie, and re-sign Rask to a backup salary, to give him more time to develop.

The one year deal works for both Rask and BOS. It works for BOS because they get to evaluate him before committing big dollars. They also didn't know what the Thomas situation would be this year. But it also works for Rask as he stands to make more than 4m long-term if he is able to hold the fort this year, while the B's don't have clear cut alternative in the system.

Odds are good that Rask holds his own, and he gets paid more than 4m AAV long-term.

The "mess" is two fold. The media circus that will no doubt follow the ups and downs of Schneider's season, and being able to fit everyone under a $64M cap for next season. It just seems like Gillis tossed Schneider in the deep end instead of easing him into the role, which he had the luxury of doing with a very capable goaltending tandem.

The circus is the media, not the locker room.

Gillis will not retain both goalies under a 64m cap.

I'm not sure how bringing along a goalie for two years in a back up role is now akin to throwing him into the deep end? Schneider has spent 8 years developing in this organization. Nothing is happening suddenly here.

Originally Posted by SufferingCatFan View Post
This will be an interesting season in Nuck land. After about 6 games, we will all have a better feel. Lou is a fan favorite so if Schneider continues to falter it could get ugly. With no preseason, it is not really a fair test of either goalie's ability. Since Lou is generally a slow starter, it is possible that he too will falter in the early going.

It's going to get ugly if the team falters regardless. That's just how the city is. Kind of unfair to make Schneider/Luongo the lightning rods for something that is more on the team regardless. The slow starter label is apt for the entire team, not just the goalies.

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