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Originally Posted by Isles Fan View Post
Just where is the 35M coming from?

Season ticket base may go up a smidge but that is offset by the current season holders that are not going to travel to brooklyn. So thats a wash. Not to mention those that stay away just because of the higher ticket prices that will surely follow the move.

Corporate sponsorship? Maybe a smidge of a tick up, but if the team sucks that is short lived.

Luxuary suites? Again tied to team performance. no one wants to go watch a losing team.

National exposure? Again if they suck they don't make it to Nat'l TV.

So again I ask where is the 35M coming from?

No matter how you slice it, revenue is dirctly related to on ice performance.
Ok I am going to enlighten you and others who ask these type of questions. maybe i should put it in caps. nah not needed. here we go.

the big corporate sponsors like SONY, HONDA, etc etc. when they buy luxury suites, they buy them for the entire year for all events including concerts, shows and yes hockey games. so the islanders will not have to ask SONY, HONDA etc to please include them in their corporate sponsorship. islanders games will be included so the islanders already have these sponsors set.

how do i know this? because i know people who work for both sony corporate and honda corporate and they told me the luxury suites are bought up for the entire 365 days a year.

so the $35 million extra is already there for the islanders without having to do a damn thing except for move into the building. the additional revenue above and beyond the $35 million extra the islanders will make will need to come from fans filling the seats.

they don't need to work for the $35 million. it's already set in stone. the additional revenue is where the islanders will have to work on in order to make.

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