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Originally Posted by Hyphistos View Post
Yeah, it's really frightening how the team stands and falls with Tavares. If he has a bad day or is neutralized by the opposing team as yesterday, we are pretty much doomed. No one else can step up that much to compensate that.

The only positive surprise for me was Grabs. I'm a fan of him obviously, but honestly I didn't expect much. Sure there were some bad passes and he has some general flaws, but overall you can really see that he tries to improve his game to become more than the "one trick pony" he is often called. Maybe the trip back to Austria wasn't the worst thing for him in that regard. I have to admit that I haven't seen an awful lot of him in the EBEL (Austrian league), but what I have seen of him left the (maybe wrong) impression that because of his standing as an NHL player in his team (and also because of the weaker opponents of course), he was much more responsible in different kind of areas, so maybe he can transform that a little bit to the NHL level. At least he seems to try that.

What I noticed in general and which seems to be confirmed by this numbers here is that this year the coaches seem to rely even more on the team's "veterans". Not only that for example in relation the second line gets very much ice time compared to the third, but also the special units consist almost only of players who have been here already for a while. This leads to the fact that for example Grabner got over 19 minutes ice time, something that I really can't remember last year, although he then played of course often on the third line, but still.
Cappy said early in camp, that with a 5 day training camp and 48 game season, they didn't have time to experiment.

The fact that they didn't invite their top Bridgeport youngsters, Nino/Nelson/Donovan and the early cuts for Strome/Reinhart, back up your point about relying on veterans.

I loved the chances that Grabner and Boyes created, but hope we're not in for a season of frustration because of their lack of finish.

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