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01-20-2013, 08:34 AM
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Originally Posted by MrExpos View Post
And you're comparing Mike Kostka and AHL hockey to Andrei Markov and NHL hockey? Are you kidding me? You are telling me the Habs should have played Fred St-Denis, Brendan Gallagher and Gabriel Dumont because we would have had a better chance to win with them in the lineup?
St-Denis would have looked better than Bouillon, no question.

Gallagher or Dumont would have been more effective than White or Armstrong, no question.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Some of you guys have already determined that Bouillon and Therrien sucks and will sing that song even in wins. It's pathetic really. Maybe Bouillon shouldn't play on the PP. You do have a right to question Bouillon on the PP. But his time ES? He wasn't as half bad as some thinkg he was. And it's not like he played 10 minutes more than everybody else. To me, it's pretty clear that he should be playing more than Kaberle or Diaz. So without Subban, 'cause that,s what Bergevin is giving Therrien, A TEAM WITHOUT SUBBAN, Bouillon is top 4. Used that way on ES. And use often on the PK as well. The PP is a big question mark which Therrien will surely see till/if Subban comes back.

Some people are talking about Bouillon playing top pairing minutes as if he'd has a Lidstrom or Chara type of utilisation. It's distributed pretty evenly in the top 4. Which is what Bouillon is. Which says a lot about the quality of this D that Therrien had NOTHING to do about.

And I'm far from being a Therrien fan. Was clearly not my pick.
Yeah, no I won't. If Bouillon plays well, I'll admit to it. He was actually better, somehow, on the PP last night than he was at ES or on the PK. Which is mind boggling. Not that that means much when he was so poor.

Diaz was 100 times better than Boo last night. Diaz and Price made up for him a lot. How many times did Bouillon get beat to the outside? More than I can count on one hand, that's for sure.

I agree with you a lot, Snake.. but definitely not here.

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