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01-20-2013, 08:40 AM
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With the rankings for the federations, you're going to get the most teams from the areas that have the best national sides.

It's the World Cup, not the European Cup with Featuring Special Guests from South America.

In order to be justified as the World Cup, you have to include sides from everywhere, no matter how dinky they might seem.

While they did park the bus (no worse than Chelsea did to win the CL, or other national sides have done for ages), they still managed to score and give a good account of themselves. They had college players and others who would struggle to make a Tier 3 side. Even so, they were able to do well and hold their own. As much as seeing the best players in the World Cup, there is something to be said how a unit of sacrifice and commitment can win out. For all the vaunted Euros, Greece, who is probably closer to NZ than Spain at times, won not all that long ago, using much the same. Celebrate the sport, not the elitism and exclusivity that some try to justify. The World Cup is supposed to celebrate the world's game, and that might mean putting in some sides from areas that aren't as high of a quality. So be it. They can still compete and show what they can do, and spread the sport. God knows, I rather see the guys who have the joy, then some of the national sides who looked like they were being forced at gun point to play (France?) and don't have that joy for the game.

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