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01-20-2013, 09:34 AM
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Stigma stigma stigma - The Sabres

I am very curious to know what people think about The Buffalo Sabres AS a franchise.

I used to live in the Niagara region but now in Europe. I donīt know what people are saying about The Buffalo Sabres but when I did live there the stigma was Buffalo was NOT the place to play. Many players hated the sabres, many players hated being in Buffalo just for an away game. They were known to be cheap, players talked about Buffalo not treating their players, ex players and alumni properly.

What brings me to this is on WGR today I heard Pegula wants this place to be where young guys dream about playing and being drafted. That players are treated right and respected and free agents will want to come here.

My question is, is this really possible? Will players ever want to come here becuase Buffalo is a great hockey city? Or will Buffalo always have that stigma that was produced back in the 90s that seemed to stick even now.

I think Buffalo will always have trouble creating that image that New York, Montreal and Toronto has where guys want to go play, where kids grow up dreaming about playing for "their" team. Can Pegula change that image? Should Buffalo target guys who grew up in Buffalo or grew up being a sabres fan? I think Couture is a sabres fan and Kane is from Buffalo.

Thoughts on all of this? Is it changing for the better? Thanks....

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