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Originally Posted by HABsurde View Post
all it takes is a player that doesn't want to follow a team idea (Bridge contract) A GM that does not and SHOULD not blink and a team that do not like said player to the extreme (at least of the ice and in the locker room)

Sadly, when these three things are in effect, last thing to do is to trade the player...

Don't get me wrong, i'll be piss, i love PK, but no one NO ONE is bigger than the team or the game....
Why is a bridge contract inherently good for the team?

Let's look at what Pacioretty did in the NHL on his ELC:

2008-09 34-3-8-11
2009-10 52-3-11-14
2010-11 37-14-10-24

Signed for 3.25/2. He showed some promise over half a year in the last year of his contract, but nothing that deserves a big pay check. He also ended the year on the IR after the Chara hit. Who knew what he'd be like when he came back. Bridge contract makes sense for both the team and Pacioretty.

Price on his ELC:

2007-08 GP-41 W-24 L-12 OTL-3 GAA-2.56 SV%-0.920
Playoffs GP-11 W-5 L-6 GAA-2.78 SV%-0.901

2008-09 GP-52 W-23 L-16 OTL-10 GAA-2.83 SV%-0.905
Playoffs GP-4 W-0 L-4 GAA-4.11 SV%-0.878

2009-10 GP-41 W-13 L-20 OTL-5 GAA-2.77 SV%-0.912
Playoffs GP-4 W-0 L-1 GAA-3.56 SV%-0.890

Signed for 5.5/2. Started his career at a ridiculous level and then had some hiccups. Lost starting job to Halak in the final year of his ELC. Contract cap hit reflects being a below average to average starter. Bridge contract makes sense to both team and Price: team sees what they have in him before locking him up and Price gets a chance to prove his worth.


Not comparable. Bridge contract was not signed after ELC. Ended pre-bridge contract year on IR.

Subban on ELC:

2009-10 2-0-0-0
Playoffs 14-1-7-8

2010-11 77-14-24-38
Playoffs 7-2-2-4

2011-12 81-7-29-36

He's put up okay stats (just squeaked into the top 30 of D scoring the past two years). He's always played long, tough minutes (he's never really been sheltered) and last year he played really well in those minutes (the advanced stats put him up there with the best in the league). You know what you're getting with Subban a lot more than the others at the same stage in their careers and like the others, he still has the potential to grow.

So what does the bridge contract gain for the team? He's shown what he can do as our #1 D for a year and a half and excelled in tough minutes (according to the advanced stats), so it's not like you need to see him play unsheltered minuted or see how he's going to rebound from a serious injury (like Pacioretty). On the whole, he has also been consistent on a year to year level, so you don't have to give him that extra couple years to really zero in on what you have on him like you did with Price (who had his high highs and low lows). What does a bridge contract gain?

The way I see it, he put up top 30 stats on a crap team in disarray with a crap powerplay, so his counting stats have no where to go but up (and that's ignoring any improvements to his own game), so if you sign him to a bridge contract, you're just shooting yourself in the foot because I don't think we'll ever be able to lock him up long term for as cheaply as we can now.

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