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01-20-2013, 09:56 AM
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This team will not succeed as long as David Desharnais is a top 6 center.

Bare with me here.

I realize a lot of people are DD fans, and with just cause, I like the man and the player as well. However, I strongly feel that this team will not succeed as long as he is a top 6 center.

A center should be a force on the ice, someone who is strong on the dot, strong on the puck, strong on both ends of the ice on top of the obvious need for on-ice vision. Sure, Desharnais has very slick hands and great vision, but his presence is not going to intimidate anyone, ever. This is not a knock on the man, he is a tough little dude and could likely beat the crap out of me, but against other top NHL's almost laughable.

If Plekanec were a different type of player we might be able to get away with having DD as a top 6 center, but having those 2 be our 1-2 is a recipe for failure and maintenance of our 'soft' identity. A center often defines his line as the puck literally starts on their sticks (after whistles)

Plekanec-Eller should be solidified as our top 2. Sure, the Pacioretty-Desharnais-Cole combo looked very good last year, but they got soft minutes and only looked good in comparison to the rest of the team which looked like trash. That same trio looked horrible last night and is IMO bound for disaster. Keep Desharnais with MaxPac, but put him on the wing and stick Eller in the middle.


something of that sort should be our top 6.

Discuss/debate David Desharnais as a top 6 center in this thread.

This might not be worth it's own thread but I did not know where else to vent about this, mods feel free to merge with something...or not

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