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01-20-2013, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Halibut View Post
So buyout or trade where they retain half his cap hit?

If there is no way he's still in Vancouver next year there are some pretty nasty options on how the canucks get rid of him.

There are a lot of goalies and teams not in game shape yet that have really been hurt by the lockout. Problem for the Canucks is with the Luongo trade still in question this put that much more pressure on the goalies and you dont really need that on young unproven guy like Schneider.

No buyout, it will be a trade. Cap retention doesn't seem likely in that trade either. Perhaps the Canucks take a contract back to buyout, but I don't see them keeping partial cap on their books in the Luongo deal.

Originally Posted by Roboholic View Post
Buddy, people are just having fun with it, try not to take it so seriously.

If the Leafs let in 7 goals and Vancouver came close to a shutout , the exact same thing would be happening in this thread, if not worse.

In your head people are over reacting, in reality most just find the situation hilarious.

I'm not the one making season long predictions after one game. I wouldn't be attributing concern to me, I know it's just one game and I've seen this movie before with the Canucks.

I seriously doubt people would be laughing at the Leafs for getting shelled. The reason this is ironic is because the Canucks _have_ the legit starters, supposedly, while the Leafs don't. This is why this is "amusing". If it were the Leafs getting a 7 spot posted on them, people would understand that it was likely due to the goaltending. Hence, somewhat expected. Schneider getting shelled wasn't expected.

Goes to show why the Canucks lost the season series to the Ducks last year too. That team just has the Canucks' number it seems.

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