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01-20-2013, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
I don't have a time machine, don't need one to justify what I posted anyways.

I used the word "likely" meaning that they could and I believe well *might* leave to free agency.

You guys have made the mistake of thinking that the word "likely" is an absolute statement of fact.[/B]
"Likely" is an indication of probability, and when you have nothing but completely baseless conjecture to back up your statements, I'd refrain from using it. The word "may" would have done a better job there.

Had I meant that they will absolutely be leaving to free agency I would have said something to the effect of "the Leafs *will certainly* be losing all of these player to free agency" or something along those lines.
What a twist.

So if you are a 29/30yo Lupul and you can see that your team is at least another year or so away from being a contender would you sign your big money UFA contract with them and gamble that they will be able to put something together that they haven't been able to in some time or would you go to a team that gives you a better more immediate chance of winning a cup?
If you are a 29/30yo Lupul and on your 3rd team in 4 four years, coming from a stint in which you played third line minutes and were a general write-off, would you skip out on not only the expanded role on the ice you have with the club -- alternate captain, 1st line minutes, playing with the NHL's 6th leading scorer, 1st unit PP time-- but off the ice as well, where you're a respected and active member of the community? Wouldn't you want the stability Toronto offers and the guarantee you won't be traded for Chris Pronger again?

There, look at that. Both our arguments are logically sound and equally meaningless.

As for not seeing anything that makes you believe that your UFA's might leave well that's up to your own interpretation of things.
Lol and that makes yours what, the objective interpretation of things? The correct interpretation of things? That's pretty egotistical.

Can you provide a link that says that they will for certain re-sign with the Leafs?

No, you can't.
Can you provide a link that says for certain you won't turn into a plate of spaghetti in half an hour? Can you say for certain that my phone won't turn into a Aston Martin while I'm typing this?

No, you can't. That's because proving something won't happen is non-falsifiable. Congratulations, keep using non-falsifiable statements and you'll never be technically wrong.

Like I said, you have several key UFA's coming up this offseason and the next too. If you wait and hope that you can extend/re-sign them then you risk losing them for nothing too. Why take that risk when you have other holes to fill and a small group of talented young players that not only need ice time but also are the kind of players that are young and skilled enough to develop into your core?
I dunno, maybe cuz Kessel IS a skilled young player.

Why not simply do what most every cup winning team does and that is continue to build solid young talent and depth through the draft and development?
Oh have the Leafs traded away every draft pick they own?

Retaining free agents is not mutually exclusive with building through the draft. I don't know what gave you that idea.

I don't see the Leafs winning a cup by hoping to retain players who are at the stage of their careers where they want to make large money and position themselves in the best possible way to win a cup (or one or the other).

If your plan is to continue on trying to hang on/re-sign all of your UFA's and hope pray think that you can fill your number one center position by backing up the armoured car to the best legitimate #1 center you can find and then do the same with a goalie D etc then why fire Burke?

Why not simply keep him and stay the path?

To me you have clear evidence that you plan on changing direction from the methodology of the Burke regime in the fact that you have A, changed your GM, B, dealt Lombardi for a pick and C, have moved on past Connolly. If your plan was to tread water again and hope that you can cash in on the next group of UFA's then why make any of the recent moves that the Leafs have?

My initial point is that to me it looks like the Leafs are going in the direction of a youth movement and I stand by it. I don't see any reason to think that any of your pending UFA's will stay in TO but they might. If they do though is there enough in TO for them to suddenly become contenders? It hasn't worked for a long time.
Again, you're creating this weird dichotomy where the Leafs can't put an emphasis on keeping they're TWO good UFA forwards while simultaneously acquiring picks. You want clear evidence? Nonis is on record saying that he's not blowing the team up. So yeah, hate to ruin it for you, but it really is more of the same in Leafland.

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