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01-20-2013, 10:14 AM
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Agree 100%. I was watching the game last night and the same thought occurred to me. He's undeniably the weakest link on the top line. I will be incredibly disappointed if we sign him long term, or to any large amount of money.

The fact of the matter is - it looked like the Leafs had him figured out. And if the Leafs have him figured out, you can bet that it's the same for the rest of the league.

oh and INB4 "BUT BUT ST. LOUIS IS SOOOO GOOOOD." DD is not St. Louis. There have been plenty of 1 season flash in the pan players in this league (see, J. Cheechoo, J. Blake, etc, etc) and I have a pretty good feeling that he's going to be nothing more than that.

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