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01-20-2013, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by FloydTheBarber View Post
I was told by my fellow Oilers fan this is the reincarnation of the 80's dynasty Oilers.

We need some massive help tomorrow.
Non-trolling Oilers fan here.

While it is true that optimism abounds in Oil Country this season, no one - at all - is REALLY believing that the Fab 5 is a legitimate comparison to the superstars of the 80s. People toss it around for fun, but the truth is known. Whether they state it openly or not.

Consider what our optimism would be about. It's not an authentic belief that the Oilers will compete for the Cup this year. Instead, it's that we'll finish higher in the standings than 29th/30th. Maybe a push for a playoff spot, something we've forgotten what it's like to have.

Just setting the record straight for those in Lotusland.

The great thing about it is that while there's a definite expectation to do better, we're just looking to compete and develop - Canucks fans don't have that privilege. It's "Get 'er done or bust". Talk about pressure.

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