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01-20-2013, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Rats96Yo View Post
Even the mighty Yankees had a problem filling the prime seats behind the plate and how they looked on TV when their new stadium opened. Gee are they just not a baseball town? Of course Yormark didnt learn anything from that. Thats why im so anti Club Red, another shameless Yormark money grab.
Agreed. Everything about club red, displacing original season ticket holders, getting a loan from the city to make money on our expense, clogging up the in and out of multiple sections with possible fire hazards, taking away much needed bathrooms, making our fan base look terrible around the league with so many empty seats (which could have been worse if families of players and staff weren't used to fill some of them), are all examples of how yormarks greedy money grab in club red does everything to ruin a good product that is finally on the ice. No one mentioned the parking fiasco caused on the north side because of hundreds of spots now reserved for club red, two thirds of which were empty. He keeps trying very hard to alienate the most loyal fans.

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