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01-20-2013, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by onebighockeyfan View Post
I'll state my position again just to be 100% clear. And I would appreciate you stating yours clearly as well on what you think a fair deal would be. I'm fine with a 7 year 5 million deal. If PK wants more I am of the opinion he does not deserve it yet, it's to early for him to get a long-term 6+ deal. If that's the case a bridge contract is needed before he gets the big bucks (I would say 1-2 years at 4.5 or so). If Bergevin is balking at a 7 year 5 million contract he's not doing a good job. If PK is refusing 7 year at 5 million or balking at the idea of any short-term contract then he's being unreasonable.

We just dont really know what's on the table.
If Bergevin is willing to give him the term, then Subban should concede on the amount. A long term deal in the 6-8 years range for 4.5M-5.5M / per would seem fair to me.

But if Bergevin insists on a stupid bridge contract. I think Subban should ask for 6M. So I'd say 12M for 2 years.

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