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01-20-2013, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
Speaking of PK's attitude.

Let's look in the past a little bit and remind ourselves of what one Price did :
1-Raised his hands in the air a la Roy. Reminding us of the worst day in habs history (top 5 certainly). Classy, not to mention ridiculous because he had accomplished nothing at all.
2-Washington nationals cap. Quite the faux pas.
3-Telling the fans to chill after having provided subpar efforts in the few years before that.
4-Party hard, smoke, and not train very hard.
5-Yap at his teammate for their play on the ice.

I can only imagine what the reaction would be if PK had done any of those things let alone all of them. He'd be the antichrist.
1. Dumb move by Price, but the fans really need to calm down with their booing and sarcastic cheers towards their own players.
2. A baseball cap defines a person's attitude? Nope.
3. Again, fans booing Price after a pre-season game. Glad Price put them in their place before playing his best season of his career thus far.
4. You do not know anything about his training regimen, please don't assume you do by the couple of pictures of him having a smoke, a drink, and hunting. His personal life does not reflect who he is in the dressing room.
5. Only dumb thing Price has done that you mentioned. Markov seemed to fix that though, so I hope he doesn't continue his yapping.

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