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01-20-2013, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
This brings back the original point, that the Leafs defensive issues last year were not from a lack of talent, they were from a lack of chemsistry, system, and playing to their capabilities.
In a funny way, that's both accurate and completely wrong. Partly because I think the evaluation you're making here is based on talent ceilings - my counter to that is that if you evaluated every blueline in the NHL that way, Toronto would still have ended up close to the bottom of the conference due to lack of skilled depth. Probably not AT the bottom because there's plenty of guys who underachieved, some very significantly so (*cough*cough*schenn*cough*).

The bigger issue, though, is that there simply wasn't enough on the blueline to have a realistic expectation of getting by. Not unless luck was in your favor - and counting on that is generally a Bad Idea.

In theory, a top four of Phaneuf-Gunnarson, Liles-Schenn ought to be good and capable. No question, really. But to evaluate versus other bluelines, the next question you should ask yourself is "now, what if Schenn underperforms, or Liles gets injured", or similar - how do you patch one hole? If the answer is "pray that zero-prior-NHL-experience Gardiner can hit the ground running", you're probably in trouble. If it's "hope that all the experts and prior observers are wrong and that Franson doesn't actually need his minutes sheltered to perform", that's not good either. And if it's "maybe Komisarek will abruptly stop sucking"... duck and cover.

That sort of thing can work out sometimes, but if it doesn't, that's less ill fortune and more bad planning.

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Originally Posted by 7even View Post
Can you provide a link that says for certain you won't turn into a plate of spaghetti in half an hour? Can you say for certain that my phone won't turn into a Aston Martin while I'm typing this?

No, you can't. That's because proving something won't happen is non-falsifiable. Congratulations, keep using non-falsifiable statements and you'll never be technically wrong.
You get a cookie.

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