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Originally Posted by jmelm View Post
No way we hang on to him for more than this year. Unless something goes completely awry, Harrington & Dumoulin should both be ready. He will be a UFA after next season, so there's no point to lose him for nothing when we could get a decent return for him. I would like to see him moved at the draft, because this draft, scouts say, is 60+ quality players deep -- meaning we could get a 1st round, impact type player in the 2nd round. I think we could get a 2nd and a B-level prospect, or something like a 2nd + 4th for Orpik this summer, or he could be packaged for an existing winger. His value declines the longer we hold on to him after the deadline/end of the playoffs this year.

My point is the duality of both asset management, as well as the opportunity to give Bortuzzo the shot he deserves. Bortuzzo ain't getting in the line-up unless Despres goes out. And if we want to see what we have in each of these players, and if Despes & Bortuzzo can sink or swim, we have to start getting them acclimated to the NHL. We can't have 3 or 4 rookies coming into our team next year; we need guys who have more experience. If Despres and Bortuzzo play well and could play the whole season, then we could bring in a guy like Harrington and/or Dumoulin this year, and we wouldn't have 4 rookies on defense.

It's not just yesterday, he's been bad (or at least inconsistent) at defensive reads for a while now -- since the cup and even before the cup. It's like Brooks and Gonch played a month or two where they made much fewer mistakes, and allowed us to win. The word with Brooks when he was a prospect or when he just entered the NHL was: would he go out of position to make big hits? Well, he did that yesterday, and it cost us a goal. He had better fix that.

If Orpik actually makes it to the 3rd pairing, you may as well trade him now to maximize the asset, because I think Bortuzzo is more than capable of being a 3rd pair Dman right now, and we wouldn't lose any size (actually we'd gain) by swapping Bort for Brooks.

Disagree. Again, as I stated above: I bet Orpik isn't with the team anymore next season, unless Dumoulin, Despres and Bortuzzo **** the bed, because if Dumo isn't ready now, he will be by September. We're going to have to get these kids ice-time and get them acclimated. You can argue about this year, but I think by next year Dumoulin >> Orpik. So we'll lose the asset for nothing if we don't trade him, and the kids need their chance.

OK, clearly Kirk gets it, and it's pretty clear what side of the fence he's on.
Apparently the right one, since it seems to be yours . . .

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