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01-20-2013, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by crazyhawk View Post
I felt pretty much this way too till last night when I saw how tightly wound he is by the look on his face sitting on the bench after being pulled. Just a crack of doubt creeped in at that moment for me as his ability to deal with the pressure of being a number 1 may not be as easy as originally thought.
I think pat kane put that crack of doubt in his mind when he exposed him on another continent. I'm just happy this game wasn't against the hawks. I think we play them feb 1st. The Canucks better have it together because if they light up schneider, they know they will be in his head for the rest of time. Kane, please leave our goalie alone.

Especially in his post-game interview. The one thing about Schneider is that I always saw him being so damn mentally strong even when he had a bad game, but last night's post-game interview was not what I expected from him. He looked like someone had hit his dog. I thought Lu was the only one that was supposed to pull off those meltdown games where he lets in a few goals in quick succession. I didn't expect that from cory who is supposed to be so damn unflappable. I do believe the biggest reason for Cory playing poorly is because Luongo is still sitting on the bench, but if you can't relax in game 1 of the season then that is not a good sign. Snap out of it, Cory. I think Luongo is more surprised than anyone about Schneider's performance last night because even roberto admires Cory's mental toughness.

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