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01-20-2013, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
We don't want him to take the fall on the line every time they don't score a goal. Which is exactly what Therrien showed last night. Galchenyuk was the only player to be removed from the PP and was the only player delegated from the top two lines. Sorry, I'm not ****ing with the confidence of an 18 year old by making him the scapegoat every time the team falters.
Why does this necessarily mean he's screwing with his confidence? I think 12-13 minutes or whatever he got was plenty with a good dose of PP time.

Lots of learning material there he can go over with the coaches in his FIRST ever NHL game.

I thought he looked alright...had a couple dangerous shots...saw him fish the puck out a couple times. Not scared of contact. Skated well. I'm kind of neutral on his performance.

The whole team looked ridiculously slow and out of sync.

I'm with the camp of keeping him up for the season. Put him on the third line with Eller at centre give em about the same icetime as tonight with some spot PP duty.

I think 'ruining' prospects as a concept is overstated. Either they're good enough or they're not. As long as he's big enough a man to take and give a hit and keep up with the play why would you not have him up here with NHL calibre coaching,training, systems etc. etc. etc.

He certainly wasn't a liability out there so why not. Let's get em used to the show.

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