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01-20-2013, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by SoundwaveIsCharisma View Post
Personally, having watched the Avs for so many years, and especially this recent edition of the team. I think the Avs need to get a top-2 defender way more than they need O'Reilly back. The team has never really had an issue drafting or developing talented forwards, they have however had a near impossible time developing or drafting a defender capable of playing in the NHL at all.

I feel like this in an oppurtunity to get one of those types of players, with an asset that either no longer wants to play with the Avalanche, or has simply priced himself out of the Avs' plans. Either way, he is a high value player that could be turned into something that this team desperately requires.
They've already traded for a top-2 defender and are busy trying to develop at least one other. The price to trade for a top-2 defender is beyond steep--look at what getting EJ cost--and an unsigned Ryan O'Reilly won't yield that.

And yes, drafting/developing talented forwards is a big issue right now. Duchene's development is a big question mark right now, Wolski and Stewart are gone (it may have been for good reasons, but no one can deny both had great talent), and Hishon is still making his way back from a concussion well over a year ago. We have a lot of two-way forwards who can be counted upon to score to a certain extent, but none are really considered a scoring forward in the traditional sense, which is what we desperately need right now.

And I'd argue we don't need so much a top-two defender who can do it all (that'd be nice though) as much as an offensive defender. Not too long ago, this team sported the highest-scoring defense in the league, and as a result had one of the most potent offenses in the league period. In trying to get bigger and tougher, they unfortunately sacrificed way too much of that ability to jump into the play. Hopefully Barrie and Elliott (and maybe Siemens) deliver that offense in time.

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