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01-20-2013, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by cphabs View Post
Didn't they sign a two year deal before this? I must be confused PK is being cheated if he doesn't have to follow the same.
There was nothing comparable about Patches/price at the end of their ELC aside from their age. The policy is stupid.

No policy that advocates signing 4th line UFA's for multi year contracts and playing hardball with your elite talent is a policy worth enforcing.

I don't care about the UFA vs RFA arguments that everyone uses as a defense for this grossly absurd view.

The best course of action, if you're going to overpay is to over pay for players that are really, really good. UFA/RFA be damned.

I don't think 5-6million is overpaying for pk btw. I think he is worthy of being the habs highest paid player and I believe it will become more painfully obvious as years go by. I'm not saying that MB is wrong for trying to get the best deal, but if the difference is 500k-1m. Lets get it done and get this thing over with. PK Subban has already proven he's a really, really good dman, it's completely illogical to expect any kind of regression at 23 years old.

Pay da man his Money.

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