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01-20-2013, 12:20 PM
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You clearly don't even follow the Leafs in any way, shape or form so lets break this thing right down.

Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
The reason(s) that I am not providing any links/sources is that like I explained in the simplest manner possible I never said that any of the several coming UFA's were leaving as a matter of fact.

Again, the word likely was specifically used to indicate that I am making a speculative point. I then give several reasons for I think that they might actually leave.

I don't need to provide you any links or sources because I have never said anything that would require the need to provide any. I then outline why I am speculating that the Leafs look like they can lose some of their several pending free agents to the free agent market in detail.
When you use the word likely you are referring to something that has better than 50/50 odds. If you think something is likely going to happen you usually have an actual reason or proof for that sentiment.

That is like me saying when I flip a coin it is likely that it will be heads. Does that statement make sense to you? How about: I think it is likely the Kings will trade Doughty to the Leafs tomorrow?

Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
I haven't any "anti-Leaf bias" or "pessimism pointed" at the Leafs at all. The Leafs are not my team and like everyone else in the world I at best have a passing interest in what happens with every other team. These are bulletin boards on the internet, I read a thread and comment on the ones that interest me. It is as simple as that.
The Leafs are merely every other team than the one I support. I haven't any more dislike for them than I do for any other team in the NHL.
In the Lupul thread on the very first page you posted:

"Leafs are talking with Lupuls people about an extension is different than Lupul's people talking to the Leafs about an extension."

As if to discredit the source or the Leafs would want to sign Lupul but he wouldn't want to sign here. Hate to burst your bubbles on Lupul and the other mass exodus of top UFAs from the Leafs but he actually just resigned with us today for five more years.

Sorry, I tried to explain my position in the simplest way possible. I will try again below for you.

I think that it is *possible* that the Leafs will see a number of their coming UFA's leave to free agency because they are at or around their primes, a time when most players look to get their biggest contracts and if they are not on a team that is poised to contend for a shot at the cup can also look to move to a team that will give them their best chance at winning one. I then said that I think that the Leafs, even with their free agents are a few key pieces away from being a legitimate contender.
Again if we are playing the "it's possible" game, anything is on the table I guess. Quick and Kopitar to the Leafs for Komisarek and Connolly is possible, but it isn't plausible unless you have some actual sources.

I also said that *if* the Leafs are planning on trying to continue building by trying to add UFA's to fill their holes that it is what they have done in the past and that it hasn't worked yet. I then go on to say that the Leafs have some good prospects/young players that they can use to build around and that doing so is what successful teams have done more so than trying to build a winner by building largely through free agency.

No need to post sources or links for what are opinions and not statements of fact.

I hope that this post helps
We haven't added a single critical piece through free agency so how is it we will continue down this path? Our top players (Phaneuf, Kessel, Lupul, Grabo, Gardiner etc) have all been acquired through trades. The best UFA we have signed in four years is probably Clark MacArthur.

I'd probably stick to writing long baseless commentaries about teams you watch or follow at least passingly before adding any more about the future of the leafs.

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