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Originally Posted by Howard Beale View Post
You can't just project your own experiences onto everyone else though, and assume every single person would know about something, just because it was well known in the circles you ran in. Everyone has a different background, grew up with different types of people, and was exposed (or not exposed) to particular things. Realistically if you asked 100 random North American people about Battle Royale, I bet that 90 or more wouldn't know the premise of it.
You're right. I was sort of trying to get at that and conceding to the point-- guess I wasn't clear (that's why I said strange and used past-tense). It just SEEMED like it was a huge pop culture fad thing to me and I was admitting that I guess I wasn't aware that it's not in that last post.

It didn't seem like a particular circle of friends thing to me, because I always heard it mentioned from just normal kids who didn't pay attention to stuff like that.

To be honest, I'm still skeptical about the author either way though. That she just stumbled on the same idea innocently.

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