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01-20-2013, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
Best post in this thread AINEC. I love how Washington is always brought up as an example of why this strategy works. lmao. I'm not sure if I missed something they've done. Their claim to fame is getting knocked out by the habs. Sound reasoning there.

I've yet to see anything that suggests the Washington Capitals model is a model to emulate.
They absolutely are a model to emulate. And they actually should've gotten a top five in 2005 but got shafted because of the lottery. In a normal year they'd have gotten Carey Price and we'd have gotten whoever they got later in the draft.

What's really ironic in all this is... the same thing was said before Pittsburgh and Chicago and LA won anything. Guys like you always come in and chirp about how these clubs haven't won anything yet. Then they win and you start talking about the next rebuild... "well Edmonton hasn't won anything yet..."

When will you ever learn?

Washington may never win anything. Nobody disputes this. But they've assembled a great team with young superstars and it wouldn't be surprising in the least to see them put it all together.
Originally Posted by FF de Mars View Post
Obviously I'm not happy about the last 15 years. But to me it's about having a line of bad GMs in a row rather than the lack of tanking. I hope Bergevin does a better job. We lost Koivu and Souray and Komisarek, and Ribeiro and Sergei Kostitsyn and to an extend Grabovski and so many more players... for nothing. I'm just weary about tanking because it looks like a magical solution to me. I think having a good GM is the way to go.
Think about where we'd be if we'd dealt Koivu and Souray and Kovalev and Streit...

Think about it.
Originally Posted by FF de Mars View Post
We need quality, not quantity.
Give him as many picks to work with as you can. We'll get quality players.
Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Washington was a legitimate contender for several years.

That's the best you can do at the end of the day, build a legitimate contender.

I'm sure if Pittsburgh had lost to Detroit in 2008 you'd be arguing that "Pittsburgh has not won anything". It's a weak argument as it is luck-dependent.
Exactly. Ottawa built a powerhouse team that probably should've won a cup along the way (the lockout killed them the most) and they bulilt a great team via a rebuild. Did they win a cup? No. That doesn't mean they didn't choose the right path. They had amazing scoring, great defense... they just needed a stud goalie.

There are no guarantees but doing things the way we've done them in the past is far less likely to result in any kind of success than a rebuild would. Esp with Timmins on our side.

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