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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
If I was Bergevin, I would definitely not move. I mean, they've had months and months to determine what they think Subban's value is. If I think he's worth a $2.5M bridge deal, for whatever reason, then that's the deal I'm offering. And there's no amount of PK not playing or the Habs losing games that can ever change that. About the only thing that could ever change it is an RFA offer sheet. Meehan can negotiate all day, Subban can sit all season, and my position is my position. That's my strength as the General Manager on display.

That said, of course I personally think Subban is worth waaaay more than Bergevin apparently does.

I don't see anything to be gained by waiting from the players' pov. PK should reset to a 1-year deal, get on the ice, and file for arbitration in the summer. It's still going to be money and a chance to get a more fair hearing of his value.
Well what could happen from the player's perspective and CLEARLY not ours, is that PK accepts a RFA offer sheet or ask for a trade. Which will totally put the team to a disadvantage big time WAY MORE than Bergevin going with another deal that his 2-year deal.

I mean didn't we just have a lockout? To me, Bergevin acts like the NHL. Neither believed that the other side would go as far as they're doing. NHL thought NHLPA would crumble. And Bergevin thought Subban would sign right away. Neither is happening. One thing is sure, even if PK just accepts what's going on, he will have a sour taste in his mouth and it won't be easy for us in the future. What Bergevin's structure will do is that while the players will know that Mr. Hardball will always offer you a contract bridge and you will have to accept it, he will also see that the other teams's aren't working like that so our players will be more eager to go the UFA route to gain the money that they just lost with Bergevin's new "system".

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