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01-20-2013, 12:58 PM
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What would your team be willing to give up for Pavel Datsyuk

Just mulling the idea around since I think it has finally become evident we dont have much of a shot at winning anything again with the current core. Detroit would be interested in young players who could help going forward.

Datsyuk has one more year on his contract after this at 6.7.

I doubt the Wings are actually shopping him, but just hypothetically what would you give up.

edit: just gonna post my response here to likely replies just so this thread isn't saturated with them.
Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
It's one game. Detroit is still far from washed up.
It's not one game. This team has been a pseudo contender for two years now, and its only going to get worse before it gets better. The Wing's core is aging and I don't think they will be able to win anything significant with it. I'd rather not be stuck in Calgary territory of trying to still convince ourselves our team is a contender when they realistically arent.

Originally Posted by HockeyThoughts View Post
Pavel Datsyuk will retire a Red Wing regardless of the circumstances.

I think there is a 99% certainty that he will retire (from the NHL at least) as a Wing, but what if he approached Holland and asked for a trade. Like I said, just a hypothetical.

The general consensus on the Wings board is that he is back to Russia after his contract for the following reasons
-Him and his wife got divorced and his kids are in Russia
-He still does not speak english fluently, and while well liked, must be feeling somewhat lonely and under expressed in Detroit. He is a well liked guy in the locker room but imagine yourself in a language barrier. It has been reported multiple times he has asked Holland to try to accquire another russian, but we haven't had a player who spoke fluent Russian since Danny Markov (maybe Salei).
-Return home for more money, and it being tax free.

I seriously love the guy, and feel like he is the embodiment of everything that is good with the Wings. That is why I actually would not mind this trade. Let him go out with another cup. He deserves it. If ever another player deserves another Borque treatment, I feel that player would be Pavel Datsyuk

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