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01-20-2013, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Wizeman View Post
I think Nashville is closer to the other SE teams in totality than Columbus is.

Winnipeg to the Central and Nashville to the SE.

Easy and logical, but then there is the Red Wings who have been whining for a move to the eastern conference for a long long time so it may not end up as we expect.
Seriously, I still believe the biggest issue is simply that the owners were unable to come up with a sufficiently large enough vote as to which team would be put into the East to replace Winnipeg's position there. They were unable to do that, and their stupidly designed format for trying to do so doesn't have any mechanism that forces them to ultimately make such a decision. Bettman, on the other hand, introduced an alternative plan, one which most owners didn't originally like, but in the end one in which a significant enough majority of owners were able to maintain their stubborn positions and yet still get a modified version of Bettman's idea passed.

The problem still, however, remained that a decision on which team would be put into the East was never made, thus leaving the Eastern Divisions with only 7 teams each. Until the owners are in some way forced to make that decision as to which team will replace Winnipeg in the East, there is still going to be this stalemate. As some have suggested, Winnipeg could feasibly just take a Central Division vacancy, once a team from there is put in the East, and that team could take the SE vacancy. Other teams in the West will argue that they should get that vacancy, but that argument can be postponed to a later date, as Winnipeg will at least be content to take the Central position for now.

The problem truly is, getting the owners to make that decision as to which team gets put in the East!!!

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