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01-20-2013, 01:08 PM
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This year would be great for missing the playoff and picking top 5. Here is why:

1. There seems to be a large pool of quality young players available
2. We just hired new management so they should get the benefit of the doubt should we finish among the worst teams
3. We get to suffer for 48 games instead of 82

The real question we should ask is wether or not we can realistically pretend to win the Stanley Cup with the current line-up and the answer right now is no. We have to stop believing that the goal is to make the playoff and then anything can happen. While it may be true in theory, the reality is that if you're a fringe team, chances are you will not be winning the cup and if you do, it will be a fluke and could as easily not make it to the playoff the following season.

Imo, the best bet is to try to develop a core of players who will peak around the same time and avoid patching holes with expensive veterans who may be good enough to give you a snif at the 7-8 position but not good enough to make you a serious contender. Doesn't mean veterans are a bad thing but they should be the gravy on top, not the backbone.

So...with that in mind, what do we do with our Habs?

1. Identify your core group. The players that you will rely on to take you to the promise land in 3-5 years. I can think of Price, Subban and Galchenyuk.
2. Do not touch your prospect pool to go get a veteran player at least not for the next 3-5 years. We are just not there yet in the rebuilding process.
3. Other players that have not been identified in the core are players that can be traded. Traded, not given away. And for quality picks/prospects/younger developing players. This is not the time to take on over the hill veterans or hefty contracts.

While there's no such thing as a 100% guaranteed recipe, i feel that establishing a plan like this one would be our best bet to finally ice a championship caliber team that not only could challenge for the cup but could also remain in the top of the league for many years if well managed.

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