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Originally Posted by Malreg View Post
As a guy who has been coaching for about 6-7 years now, it's unbelievable how hard it is to get a kid to understand this concept.

The amount of times I see the puck carrier skate towards a defenseman to try and deke him instead of just using their speed to go around the player drives me crazy. I want to pull my hair out every time I see it happen. We must repeat it at least 100 times a year, and still some players just can't help themselves.

Is it because all they see on Sportscenter is players dangling through defensemen and scoring beautiful goals so that's what they want to do?
I had the same problem with high school kids. I solved it by them skating one on ones against myself and the other coaches. If they deked and got by us (which they didn't) we had to do push ups. If we stopped them they had to do push ups. If they got by us driving around us and scored they didn't have to skate at the end of practice. Made two lines in the corners, first guy on one side would break toward the center of the blue line and take a pass at the top of the face off circle from #1 on the other side and then break up the middle against us. Then they would alternate as soon as the guy with the puck hit the red line. We would pick them up about the blue line and they would try and be by us by the far blue line so the 3 coaches would cycle between the blue lines. If they tried to drive around we didn't play them really hard, we just wanted their first thought with the puck to be drive and not deke. If they deked we would sweep check, poke check, ride them to the boards (or grab and hold) to keep them from getting by. They just got used to dekeing leading to nothing and driving and skating leading to success. Every practice though a couple would still try us even if they failed every time. Kids are still kids.

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