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Originally Posted by Schroedingers Cat View Post
I've said it before, I'll say it again; the purse strings have been tightened for now until Mr. I gets a world series. That's why we keep trying out 900k undrafted Euros and picking over other teams garbage. That's the only explanation for the mind-boggling state of this roster.
No, there's another explanation: Holland, ever fearful of the cap and lockout, was unwilling to compete in the FA market. Illitch didn't seem to have any trouble signing off on a huge contract to Suter, which would've stressed his pocketbook more than our capspace with all those front-loaded bonuses. It was Holland who didn't want to go higher, saying that those deals handcuff teams for years.

Holland has always talked about the cap and making cap-friendly deals. That's fine, I guess, however, that has also meant he can't compete for UFAs. He drastically underestimated how the lockout would effect the cap, not forseeing the NHL caving on a $64.5M 2013-14 cap, 2 buyouts/team and the ability to trade salary (i.e. capspace). He thought teams would get burned by those big contracts... but in reality, he's going to get burned for being too conservative.

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