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01-20-2013, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by HiddenInLight View Post
TV - CoHo - Pommer: They were firing on all cylinders, especially after Vanek was benched for a bit. They look like a true top line, much scarier then TV - Adam - Pommer last year. -_-;;

Vanek: 2g3a is a career high for him IIRC. Loved his game for the most part tonight.

Ott: Ott will be a fan favorite in here by week two if he keeps this up. He was hitting guys, drawing penalties, dropping gloves, running his mouth all game. He even put in the first goal. Nothing bad to say about Ott today.

Stafford: To quote the grinch, his balls grew 3 times this day, dropping the gloves to protect Ennis.

Attitude: Nobody on this team was taking **** from anybody. Every time one of our skill players was even looked at funny, our larger guys were up in their faces giving them something more painful to think about. I love seeing that. That attitude leads to wins.

Finish: That goal by CoHo was the kind of goal we were all begging for last year. A nail in the coffin goal putting it out of the opponants reach, on a perfect opportunity. Last season that puck just sits in the crease until Brytz recovers.


Leopold: Ugh he frustrated me. Worst player on the ice.
Reffs: Boned Philly pretty badly today, also had a few terrible calls on us like the diving penalty on ott.
Ruff: Putting Hecht on every freaking line! The dude needs to stay in the bottom six to stay healthy.....come on man!

Hartnell. What a goon.

Intriguing: Foligno - Ennis - Stafford matched up against the Gireux line all game. They seemed to do a good job at it too. Maybe they have better defensive chops then we all thought.
Basically all of this. Vanek is a pretty good player when not playing through all kinds of injuries, and Stafford... I know it's just a one game sample, but he looked like he's matured. He's been in the league for some years now, and yet I've always felt like he couldn't quite fill the shoes (well, skates) he was handed. Like a boy playing with the men. Not anymore. Looks like he finally grew into his jersey. Not just because he dropped the gloves and protected his linemate, but his attitude and posture throughout the game says "not a kid anymore".

And Ott. Instant man crush!

Leo and Regehr looked a bit slow out there. But none of them has played a game for quite some time, right? I'll cut them some slack. Miller did not make me feel secure. It wasn't Miller time.

Sulzer keeps impressing. I wonder if the Canucks would still do that trade.

Overall I think the Sabres made a statement tonight. This is not a group of players that is going to get bullied. They've toughened up, and as long as Ott, or Foligno, or Kaleta, or anyone is on the ice, you better keep your head up. I like it!

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