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Originally Posted by ICBM View Post
What else they can do?! Trade him anyways. He is 35 years old for **** sakes. They've lost Kesler and Hodgson last season, Booth is out = no secondary scoring at all. That's for they needed Kadri and Bozak. Luongo is their only chance to stay afloat. Sedins are 32 now... they desperately need fresh blood.
Your jumping the boat here but some creative GMing is required... With the roster as it stands when healthy is a cup contender rather we Leaf fans will admit it or not, having said that they do require a retooling in the off season which Gillis has his work cut out for him having $3,896,667 cap space and 8 players to sign to have a roster of 23 players.

What's stopping them from trading Schneider, Edler, Hamuis, Kesler or even Booth?

Honestly IMO Gillis is getting the blunt of the criticism for being in this situation but really the one who's to blame is there head coach with the stupid moves he's done especially when it comes to Luongo's value dropping. Pat Burns RIP once said: if you want me to play the young guy get rid of the vet who holds that role first... IMO that is the smartest and most appropriate way of dealing with top notch vets like Luongo you DON'T AT ANY CIRCUMSTANCE EMBARRASS THEM especially when they're locked into a long term contract with a NTC.

This marriage was destined to end in a sour note the day they made Luongo captain, talk about stupid and from then on they've continued from 1 stupid decision to the other when it comes to dealing with Luongo.

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