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01-20-2013, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by WJG View Post
IMO, Postma and Stuart looked weak because they were playing more minutes than they should be. Stuart is a bottom pairing defenceman and Postma needs to play extremely sheltered minutes in order to be effective (think Marc-Andre Bergeron).

The problem is, as bad as Postma looked, I'd still take him over Clitsome in the line up. Thus you're forced to pair together either Postma and Hainsey or Redmond and Hainsey on the second pairing. Postma is more experienced, but Redmond can surely play better defence.

Until Bogosian returns, I hope we see something like:


That's right, Meech called up and Clitsome sent down. Hell, I'd even be comfortable with Meech playing regular minutes on the 3rd pairing if Postma continues to struggle.
Pretty much my thoughts.
*Buff and Toby looked good because those two always are good when they are together... problems they have usually arise when they are apart
*Hainsey looks bad because he's playing unsheltered minutes as the *main* guy... he is fine, maybe even great, when he's the support piece, like he is when he is with Bogosian... putting him with sub-par second pairing, whether that be Stuart, Postma, Clitsome, and Meech are all going to make those guys and him look bad unfortunately... maybe - just maybe - Redmond can shine here but with Noel I doubt he's going to give a rookie a chance
*Stuart can't be a top4 guy... he's NEVER EVER been successful there... he showed last year that if you shelter him (look at last year when he was paired with Jones) he can play strong against 3rd and 4th liners
*Marc Andre-Bergeron is a great example... honestly we've all seen how deadly Postma can be when pitted against bottom6 guys... place him with Stuart on the 3rd pairing so Stuart can be the safe guy and let Postma skate past 4th line pylons

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