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01-20-2013, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyisforeveryone View Post
My friend insisted I move to a "man's" stick so now I made a huge change and bought the 85 flex. Insanely strong and solid stick. My performance with it not consistent but a higher flex can have serious potential. I'm thinking if your opponent has a 85 flex stick then you should too... better that your stick is "heavier" when battling or connecting with the puck at the same time. It has given my 3 games last week a definite power.

Jarick I know you've said lowering flex helped out a teammate, ever experience raising the flex, or especially from INT to SEN and having a beneficial effect?
My opinion and theory is more tied to height and stick length than strength or weight.

My teammate who moved from 87 to 67 flex is maybe 5'5, 140 pounds, and uses 12" gloves. He's pretty small. In his case there's just no way he could flex anything over intermediate as much as he cuts (or should cut) them down.

Another teammate was 6'4 or so, probably not more than 160 pounds (quite skinny). He started out with an 85 flex and had to put a 6" plug in it. When he moved up to 100 flex, his shots got harder. He also had a 115 flex that he tried but didn't like it. His slappers were even harder but he felt more comfortable with a little more flex for snappers.

I really don't think "manly" sticks have anything to do with it. It's your height and hand size really. Short people tend to have smaller hands so going with intermediate means the right flex for our height plus a thinner shaft to fit our hands.

Not sure what your height is, but you could also look at 75 flex, that would be a nice medium.

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