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Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
Sacco should be fired, but it has very little to do with yesterday's game. The man just isn't a good coach, I don't know why it's hard for you and other people to accept this.
i believe that most of us ( if not all of us ) can see that Sacco have some major flaws in his game . But like everthing else , in hockey or in life for that matter , it's not making a change the problem , it's who will replace him.

I'm scare that we're gonna end up with another rookie coach and the team wont be able to progress. God , a few Years ago we had Q , who had experience in coaching and he did an ok job , at best with our roster , to later go in Chicago and... well we know the rest .

One of the guy that comes in mind and that the avs should have taken a chance on is Ken Hitchcock. Look what he did with the CBJ and most important what he's doing with St-Louis . We need someone like him, who knows what he's doing with a good system.

oh and btw , dont expect any coaching change , fror the Avs on a short season .

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