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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
i'd only suggest that he took a lot of thinking out of the game by removing the offense from the equation. if he added offense back, then the decisions would resume.
I think he'd be adding offense in gradually. He did more than just remove offense. He forced them to play man to man and constantly pressure the opponent in the defensive zone. Towards the end they were also putting up lots of pressure in the neutral zone (well not lots but about as much as you can optimally expect given that their prime directive was to collapse back), and their cycle game was excellent at everything except getting the puck in the net. The crap we saw yesterday with all the Tampons walking into the slot with 4 players standing around with their dicks in the hands or breakdancing on the ice did not happen under Hunter.

What he did needed to be built on and morphed into some predators/kings/blues type system, not discarded altogether. First 5-10 games of this season should have been pure hunterhockey, with offensive elements gradually introduced subsequently. Get them back in the mindset, all completely on the same page, then give them 5 games to work a particular cycle, 5 games to teach defensemen when to get activated offensively, and so on, adding new elements but keeping the old fresh. Make sure their instincts are still fresh, then drill more and more rewarding plays down to instinct level. It's why Lidstrom was Lidstrom despite not being much of a physical specimen. Humans are very conditionable if it's done right, which it very rarely is.

I also believe McPhee should have purged the roster of guys like Schultz and added players with a good idea of how they'd fit together. Considerations that you see from GMs whose teams gel really well. GMGM's offseason strategy seem to be "hmm, need more playoff grit, Brouwer and Ward, check. Hmm, need center and secondary scoring, Ribeiro and Wolski, check". One guy out of sync guy throws the whole line off and forces them to think extra, which negates the whole exercise. I'm not complaining about Ribeiro (though I'd have personally gone with Jokinen instead to save assets and use them on other holes, then re-evaluate in the 2013 offseason), but more just commenting on his general mindset.

It's telling that the only guys who had good games yesterday were guys who left their brain at the door and just charged the net like Ward and Wolski or played completely to their instincts like Ribeiro and Alzner.

If you really think our guys are only capable of derphockey or hunterhockey, that we can't do with them what Hitchcock did with STL or DeBoer with the Devils or Sutter with LA, then a massive roster purge would be needed in order for us to move forward. Everything but Backstrom and Carlzner must go massive. I don't think that's the case, but I do think both GM and coaching could use more attention to detail in bringing in players that fit and putting them in positions to succeed, and dumping those that do not.

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