Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Lupul re-signs with Toronto 5 years (5.25 average)
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01-20-2013, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by oilerbear View Post
to be fair hemsky HAD two bad shoulders.

So now we know why they were hurt.

lupul may continue to skag hunt
hemsky's shoulders could be reinjured.

does not reduce the fact there was a thread on how bad the signing of hemsky was.

Now we have a contract:
1. for more money per season
2. for 3 yr longer term
3. for a more games lost player.
4. For a less productive player.
Unfortunate, there are no restrictions for the uninformed to post on HF.

To be fair we need a few corrections:

1. Lupul had back surgery and contracted an infection.

2. "For a less productive player" - Lupul had 67 points in 66 games last year. Hemsy had 36 points in 69 games.

3. Hemsky is soft as butter. He had 22 hits last year. Lupul had 110 in fewer games.

4. "For more money per season" - .25 million more is certain to make a world of difference - to the uninformed.

5. "For 3 yr longer term" - coming off a ppg season and only 29, the deal takes him through his prime years. Pretty sure he doesn't get that deal coming off a 10 goal and 36 point season.

Overall, I guess your posts could have an impact if someone was totally uninformed but for anyone that has a clue it's really a sad attempt.

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