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01-20-2013, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
I won't "expect" it, but it seems clear the Avs are prepared to make a change if they don't like what they see, shortened year or not.

Regardless of a shortened season, this one counts just as much as the others. I seriously doubt there's any organization out there saying they should take a pass. It might make them think twice on a kid in the organization and whether to keep them with the big club, but apart from that, I doubt Sacco has been given any bit of slack because the season is 48 games.

I agree it probably won't happen until after the season unless the Avs REALLY tank at some point, but I think if the Avs miss the postseason, Sacco's a goner, fair or not.
Would be great. I might even accept another total bust of a season aka tankjob (great draft and only 48 games to suffer through) if that means that he is gone.

I think it is kind of telling that our best players the last few years were rookies, sophomores or newly acquired players. Meanwhile it looks like longer the guys practice under Sacco the more they start sucking...

Maybe that statement is a little bit of a hyperbole but the point is that our young talent stagnates under Sacco. That is kind of bad when you look at the age of our "core".

He just is not a good coach...

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