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01-20-2013, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
K but the context is of being a contender here. Yet, we're going to put a project on top 6. If the idea is to win, DD is the best option RIGHT NOW. If the idea is to try something new, so be it, I'd understand that. Just asking where Eller even comes up in a thread discussing us needing to beef up our top 6 center position.

That being said, Eller isn't that good. I hope I'm wrong but he doesn't look like a natural talent. He isn't as fluid as many dangles and he doesn't have the quick release of many snipers. Eller is a guy who can be good at everything(or rather, many things, not all) but I don't think he'll ever be great at anything.
Well that's easy to say. That's all we know. So, very easy to say right now, our best bet is Plek and DD.
Until we actually put the odds on Eller's side, that likely won't change. It's like when we put Latendresse on the bottom lines and then wondered why he didn't produce much.
Just take Plekenac as an example. Last year, we put Darche and Bourque on his wings. Not surprisingly, that line looked like a 3rd line, production for Plek lowered. So, should we be surprised that Eller only looks like a 3rd line when he's only been used as one??

As for Eller just being a player good at everything, the same can be said about Plekanec. Doesn't mean you can't be a top 6 player.

He needs to more offensive duties before being labeled as a 3rd liner.

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